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St. Peter's, Carlton (Anglican)
188 Carlton Street, Toronto, ON, M5A 2K8
 Incumbent: The Rev. Jeanette Lewis
416-924-1891 ~ Office E-mail
St James' Deanery ~ The Rt. Rev. Patrick Yu
Diocese of Toronto ~ Anglican Church of Canada
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 Regular Services: Sunday 10:30 am & Wednesday 12:15 pm

We ask that all members, and friends of St. Peter’s Carlton take part in a prayer group for our church. We ask that wherever you are on Mondays between 7am-9am you stop for a few moments and say a prayer for our church and for God to help you to discern what ministry truly needs your support in the church. 
You can use your own words or if you wish you can use the prayer below:

Lord, I ask you to continue to make your presence known at St Peter’s. To help each of us to discern what you hope for us both as a church and as members of the church family. We pray for your guidance and know that your love will help us as we work together to build your church in our  neighbourhood. Amen.


St. Peter, Carlton Street , Toronto Photo Cliff Hope

Welcome to St. Peter's, Carlton. We are a warm Anglican Church in the heart of downtown Toronto, at the corner of Carlton and Bleecker, just east of Sherbourne. St. Peter's is a place of refreshment, welcoming people who seek spiritual transformation since 1863.

You are invited to experience the love of God and neighbour, to grow spiritually, and to join in works of service to others. There are educational experiences for children, young people, and adults. Our building is a place of beauty and peace. Our people are diverse, and we are an inclusive community of believers. You are free to share in our community and to ask questions about anything.


During the last week of April, 403 Toronto Scouts Cubs cleaned up the
garden and planted flowers at St. Peter's Anglican Church.
Thanks to Mang/Alyson for the photos.

This week at St. Peter's Carlton Street: October 16-October 23, 2016:
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Sunday Oct. 16


Monday Oct. 17
Tuesday Oct. 18
Wednesday Oct. 19 Holy Eucharist - 12:15pm
Thursday Oct. 20
Friday Oct. 21 Fudger House - 10:00 am
Saturday Oct. 22 Choir Practice - 1:00 pm


Oct. 23

Links & Older Messages:
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Special Messages from Rev. Jeanette Lewis:

1. Our Primate has commented briefly on the implication for Canada and promised to communicate some more.  I want to draw your attention to two very different responses.  First from an interview from the Catholic media arm “Salt and Light” of Bishop Nicholls and Father Damien, the ecumenical officer of the Archdiocese of Toronto.  They outlined the many signs of hope for unity in the world. I am particularly moved by Father Damien’s words that when the Anglican Church is experiencing difficulties, it is precisely the time when others need to step in and help, despite our differences.  We Anglicans can learn from that. Click the video below to watch.

2. The video below is from the new Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church, Michael Curry. It is very brief but his message sets the whole dispute in a larger context of mission and vocation for the church, who are “Jesus’ people.” Click the video below to watch!


St Peter’s Anglican Church
188 Carlton St
Toronto Ont
M5A 2K8
Phone: 416-924-1891

Rev Jeanette Lewis, Incumbent
Phone: 416-924-1891
Cell Phone: 647-631-3857
(for emergencies only)
Rev Margaret Rodrigues, Honorary Assistant
Phone: 416-924-1891
Cell Phone: 416-806-9720
(for emergencies only)

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